World of Football AI engine prototype for Kimera Studios [2006]

MSc Dissertation - Autonomous and co-operative agents: Steering Behaviours, Finite state machines, Scripting.
[C++, Lua, toLua++, OpenGL]

Research Report
Research Presentation

Louis and the Lost Bots - Game Design © Steve Ince [2006]

Team project: Nintendo Gamecube and MS Windows audio programming, Gameplay scripting/debugging.
[C++, Lua, XML, DirectAudio, GCAudio]

Screenshots: 1, 2, 3

Battle field effects - HLSL Shaders [2006]

Pixel and Vertex shaders: Illumination techniques, Mapping (Bump, Parallax, Environmental), Particle effects (Fire, Smoke), Water effects (Animation, Reflection, Refraction).
[ATi RenderMonkey, HLSL, C++, DirectX9]

Shaders & DX9 Demo

Distributed Table Tennis [2006]

Physics, Multi-threading, Network Programming: Rigid body dynamics, Cloth simulation, Collision Detection/Response, TCP/IP sockets, Client/Server programming, Multi-threading.
[C++, Win32 threads, Winsock, OpenGL]

Screenshots: 1, 2, 3

Pac-man AI Controller [2006]

Game AI: Finite state machines, Graph search algorithms (Depth first search, Breadth first search, A*).

Demo & Code

Project Zargon [2005]

First-person shooter simulation: 3D Maths, Cameras, 2D/3D Graphics techniques, Particle effects, Vertex arrays.
[C++, OpenGL]


Simple Java Multi-User Chat Server with Client Applet [2004]

Network programming: Client/Server programming.
[Java: Network API, Applets API]


TicTacGBA [2003]

Homebrew: Nintendo Gameboy Advance programming.
[C, DevKitAdv]

Rom & Code

FUTO Instant Messenger [2003] Unfinished

Linux, GUI, Database, Network programming.
[C, BSD sockets, POSIX threads, MySQL, GTK+2.0]

Screenshots: 1, 2